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We are Clair-Indigo,
a feminine apparel and accessory boutique
whose values include mindful living, self-love, compassion, and sustainability.

We offer beautiful new and gently-loved secondhand feminine apparel and accessories for all.

We believe that trying to make the world a better place can be done with what we call a positive domino effect, which starts with living with intention, self-care, and self-acceptance.

Through Clair-Indigo, we strive to make positive impacts to lives like yours.

When you find yourself (the you that's been there the whole time, the true you), and fill your own cup, you can share your lovely energy with those around you. 

There's so much love to go around here.

Mama Earth needs love too. Sometimes it can be a challenge to live totally sustainable for several reasons, we get it. We'd love to work together in taking steps toward more mindfully sustainable lives. That's why we continuously choose to offer secondhand options (coming soon!) and support small business wholesalers whose values align with ours, like social good and being eco-friendly.

Every.single.human is welcome here.

You're gorgeous always.

You're loved and deserving of good.

Bottom line. Remember that.

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Passion for
Beautiful Souls

Ever since childhood, our founder has had an immense love for fashion, beautiful things, variety as a conceptual necessity, and humankind. Many events have led to this point in her life (more storytime for later) wherein she feels called to be a purveyor of beautiful things for beautiful people.

Positive, High Vibe Energy

Simple as that. Bottom line.

Everyone deserves love, and we truly believe that if we show love to all no matter what their past, present, and future embodies, we can make at least a trickle of positive energy in this world. Using our time to expend that kind of energy is most valuable.

Real Moments, Guaranteed

Since self-love and self-care are

tip-top on our list of values, that means that we will share very real moments with you. We know firsthand that social media tends to show all the good, which can result in toxic comparisons. We want to do our part in normalizing all the things so that you know you aren't alone. 

Two Fabrics

Be a part of the self-love movement.

Wear what helps you feel your very best.

Do what fills your cup.

We support you.

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